• Contaminated water

    The #1 cause of death in developing countries
  • More people die each year from unsafe water
    than from all forms of violence, including war.

  • In the developing world, contaminated water
    accounts for 80% of all diseases.

  • Treating a single case of a waterborne disease may cost
    more than providing safe water for a village for an entire year.

  • Cholera, hepatitis, typhoid, dysentery and parasites
    are some of the sicknesses spread by contaminated water.

What is Drive For Water

Drive For Water is a nonprofit faith-based organization that provides hope for those people around the world lacking the basic necessity of clean water by raising money through golf tournaments and other charity events with corporate sponsors to fund the installation of wells and water purification systems as well as to provide health and hygiene training to these communities so that benefits of clean water are realized and understood.

About No Thirsty Child!

For a billion, pipes don’t deliver water to homes and families, children do. Most water delivery systems in the developing world rely on the transport of 5 gallon jerry cans by women and children. By developing strategic relationships, No thirsty child! pilots clean water programs aimed at promoting clean, safe, accessible water solutions in developing nations, allowing children greater access to education, better health and quality of life.

Visit us here: www.nothirstychild.org